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Digital tools allow natural elements to be reinterpreted.
A link is therefore created between two apparently opposite worlds. This link creates a new dialogue between the imitated object and its imitation, between the natural and the artificial worlds, between the real and fake.
Here, the role of the hand disappears. However, we still can talk of 3D scuplture here, since it’s all about deforming, transforming and assembling fabric, even though the latter is virtual.
The work basis is stone, more precisely pebbles. The rocks which we can see here were obtained in two distinct ways: the first ones have been sourced from free of copyrights 3D files found on, and the others have been sculpted thanks to a modeling software.
With the help of these rocks, objects with minimal function were then created : a vase, a bowl, a platter...
These are decorative objects. They highlight the stone, its aesthetic strength and its deformation through digital tools.

Fabriquer des cailloux 2/2        
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