The 4 seasons
40x60 cm

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/ Poster no.1 /4 - Autumn

/ Poster no.2 /4 - Winter

/ Poster no.3 /4 - Spring

/ Poster no.4 /4 - Summer

For this contest (Matsuyama Design Week), we wanted to work on a multitude of flowers and all the parts that make up a flower such as :petals, seeds and stems. Nature completely changes through the seasons. It dies, freezes and eventually is born again. focusing on seasons allowed us to reflect on several floral worlds. Nature is something that is particularly highlighted in Japan. We really appreciated the special attention given to tradition and nature and worked on this subject using 3D and virtual composition softwares.

Matsuyama is a city rooted in its cultural legacy, with the presence of temples and castles. We chose To work with unreal and utopian concept to bring something more to the landscape of Matsuyama. The idea was to promote Matsuyama throughout each season using posters and/or flags displayed throughout the city.